[llvm-commits] llvm/lib/Target/PowerPC/PPCRegisterInfo.cpp

Nicolas Geoffray nicolas.geoffray at lip6.fr
Mon Mar 5 00:58:53 PST 2007

Chris Lattner wrote:
> Ok, so it's not related to NoFramePointerElim?  If that's the case, 
> you should just have Macho and ELF return different sets of callee 
> saved regs.
No, that's not the issue.

Let me rephrase why I need this patch :)

In PowerPC, whether it's on ELF ABI or MachO, R31 is a normal, 
callee-saved register. With one exception: when it is used as a frame 
pointer. When it is used as a frame pointer, both MachO and ELF remove 
R31 from the callee-saved registers set.

There are two different ways to use R31 as a frame pointer: 1) with an 
alloca when the stack is growing in a non-compilation deterministic 
size, or 2) when NoFramePointerElim is set.

1) When there is an alloca that modifies the size of the stack, 
compilation goes through the LowerDYNAMIC_STACKALLOC method. In this 
method, you find the code:

    // Find out what the fix offset of the frame pointer save area.
    int FPOffset = PPCFrameInfo::getFramePointerSaveOffset(IsPPC64, 
    // Allocate the frame index for frame pointer save area.
    FPSI = MF.getFrameInfo()->CreateFixedObject(IsPPC64? 8 : 4, FPOffset);
    // Save the result.

With this code you give the info to the FrameInfo object that the frame 
pointer offset is at FPOffset. Therefore, this offset will never be used 
as an offset for another purpose. And this is _really_ important for 
ELF, because the frame pointer, R31, is saved in the callee-saved area. 
With this code, you are sure that no callee-saved register will be 
spilled to R31's offset.

2) When NoFramePointerElim is set, R31 is always used as a frame 
pointer. However, the stack size may be decided at a compilation time, 
therefore the compilation process never goes through the 
that saves the frame pointer offset in the frame info.
The bug arrives here: the frame info object never had the info that R31 
is saved in the callee-saved area. Therefore, it may allocate the frame 
pointer offset for spilling an other register. This was not an issue for 
the MachO ABI because the frame pointer offset in MachO is not in the 
callee-saved area.

With this patch I give the info to the FrameInfo object, before the 
callee-saved scan, that R31 is saved in the callee-saved area. Thus I am 
sure that no register will be spilled in R31's offset.

I hope it's clearer now (maybe it already was, but I was getting 
confused by your replies :))


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