[llvm-commits] CVS: llvm/lib/Target/Skeleton/Makefile README.txt Skeleton.h Skeleton.td SkeletonInstrInfo.cpp SkeletonInstrInfo.h SkeletonInstrInfo.td SkeletonJITInfo.cpp SkeletonJITInfo.h SkeletonRegisterInfo.cpp SkeletonRegisterInfo.h SkeletonRegisterInfo.td SkeletonTargetMachine.cpp SkeletonTargetMachine.h

Chris Lattner lattner at cs.uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 16 15:15:24 PST 2006

Changes in directory llvm/lib/Target/Skeleton:

Makefile (r1.4) removed
README.txt (r1.2) removed
Skeleton.h (r1.2) removed
Skeleton.td (r1.4) removed
SkeletonInstrInfo.cpp (r1.2) removed
SkeletonInstrInfo.h (r1.2) removed
SkeletonInstrInfo.td (r1.4) removed
SkeletonJITInfo.cpp (r1.3) removed
SkeletonJITInfo.h (r1.3) removed
SkeletonRegisterInfo.cpp (r1.7) removed
SkeletonRegisterInfo.h (r1.8) removed
SkeletonRegisterInfo.td (r1.6) removed
SkeletonTargetMachine.cpp (r1.6) removed
SkeletonTargetMachine.h (r1.5) removed
Log message:

Remove the skeleton target, it doesn't produce useful code and there are
other small targets that do that can be learned from.  They also have 
the added advantage of being tested :)

Diffs of the changes:  (+0 -0)

 0 files changed

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