[llvm-commits] CVS: llvm/lib/Support/FileUtilities.cpp

Reid Spencer reid at x10sys.com
Sun Sep 19 21:13:53 PDT 2004

Changes in directory llvm/lib/Support:

FileUtilities.cpp updated: 1.25 -> 1.26
Log message:

Put in a #error in the event that we don't have an mmap that can map a file
into memor. This is just a reminder that the ReadFileIntoAddressSpace 
function needs to be properly converted to lib/System and implemented via
read/write if there's no mmap of file support.

Diffs of the changes:  (+1 -0)

Index: llvm/lib/Support/FileUtilities.cpp
diff -u llvm/lib/Support/FileUtilities.cpp:1.25 llvm/lib/Support/FileUtilities.cpp:1.26
--- llvm/lib/Support/FileUtilities.cpp:1.25	Wed Sep  1 17:55:35 2004
+++ llvm/lib/Support/FileUtilities.cpp	Sun Sep 19 23:13:43 2004
@@ -296,6 +296,7 @@
   return Buffer;
   // FIXME: implement with read/write
+#error Unimplemented ReadFileIntoAddressSpace - need to use read/write.
   return 0;

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