[llvm-commits] CVS: llvm/Makefile.rules

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Thu Sep 16 07:11:38 PDT 2004

Changes in directory llvm:

Makefile.rules updated: 1.194 -> 1.195
Log message:

Add dependencies so that project tools are recompiled if LLVM libraries
are updated.

Diffs of the changes:  (+8 -3)

Index: llvm/Makefile.rules
diff -u llvm/Makefile.rules:1.194 llvm/Makefile.rules:1.195
--- llvm/Makefile.rules:1.194	Tue Sep  7 14:03:35 2004
+++ llvm/Makefile.rules	Thu Sep 16 09:11:25 2004
@@ -685,6 +685,11 @@
+LLVMSTATICUSEDLIBS   := $(patsubst %.a.o, lib%.a, $(addsuffix .o, $(LLVMLIBS)))
 # Libtool link options:
 #	Ensure that all binaries have their symbols exported so that they can
@@ -706,17 +711,17 @@
 	@${ECHO} Linking $(TOOLNAME) debug executable $(STRIP_WARN_MSG)
 	$(VERB) $(LinkG) -o $@ $(ObjectsG) $(LIB_OPTS_G) $(LINK_OPTS) $(LIBS)
 	@${ECHO} ======= Finished building $(TOOLNAME) debug executable $(STRIP_WARN_MSG) =======
 	@${ECHO} Linking $(TOOLNAME) release executable
 	$(VERB) $(LinkO) -o $@ $(ObjectsO) $(LIB_OPTS_O) $(LINK_OPTS) $(LIBS)
 	@${ECHO} ======= Finished building $(TOOLNAME) release executable =======
 	@${ECHO} Linking $(TOOLNAME) profile executable
 	$(VERB) $(LinkP) -o $@ $(ObjectsP) $(LIB_OPTS_P) $(LINK_OPTS) $(LIBS)
 	@${ECHO} ======= Finished building $(TOOLNAME) profile executable =======

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