[llvm-commits] Configure Commits Done

Reid Spencer reid at x10sys.com
Tue Sep 7 09:57:50 PDT 2004

Just wanted to let you know my recent set of autoconf/configure changes
are done. They work on Linux. I don't expect problems elsewhere. Here's
a summary of the changes:

* Individual AC functions are now in the autoconf/m4 directory, one
  per file. This helps to minimize configure script size as only the
  actual tests needed by autoconf.ac will get included by aclocal. It
  also helps us maintain them and share them between projects.
* The acinclude.m4 file in both llvm/autoconf and llvm-test/autoconf
  has been removed. This is the "old" way to do function definitions
  and the autoconf/m4 directories replace it.
* AC functions specific to llvm-test have been moved to the
  autoconf/m4 directory in llvm-test (currently just
* Tests and configuration items specific to llvm-test have been
  removed from llvm/autoconf/configure.ac and llvm/Makefile.config.in
  These tests are now in the corresponding places in llvm-test.
* The AutoRegen.sh scripts in both autoconf directories now do things
  a little differently. They both will attempt to do all validation
  before running anything. They have also been modified to pass the
  -I argument to aclocal so that aclocal can find the m4 directories.
  In the case of llvm-test/autoconf/AutoRegen.sh it also passes in
  the llvm/autoconf/m4 directory since some of the tests in llvm-test
  depend on AC functions defined by the llvm module.

If none of the above makes any sense to you, just ignore it. Its just
restructuring for ease of future maintenance.

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