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Nate Begeman natebegeman at mac.com
Fri Aug 27 00:59:47 PDT 2004

Changes in directory llvm/docs:

BytecodeFormat.html updated: 1.30 -> 1.31
Log message:

Fix a typo in the bytecode format documentation

Diffs of the changes:  (+2 -2)

Index: llvm/docs/BytecodeFormat.html
diff -u llvm/docs/BytecodeFormat.html:1.30 llvm/docs/BytecodeFormat.html:1.31
--- llvm/docs/BytecodeFormat.html:1.30	Fri Aug 20 01:00:42 2004
+++ llvm/docs/BytecodeFormat.html	Fri Aug 27 02:59:37 2004
@@ -1474,7 +1474,7 @@
   <a href="http://llvm.org/cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi/llvm/include/llvm/Instruction.def">
   <tt>include/llvm/Instruction.def</tt></a> file. You should check there for the
   most recent definitions. The table below provides the opcodes defined as of
-  the writing of this document. The table associates each opcode mneumonic with
+  the writing of this document. The table associates each opcode mnemonic with
   its enumeration value and the bytecode and LLVM version numbers in which the
   opcode was introduced.</p>
@@ -1801,7 +1801,7 @@
 <a href="mailto:rspencer at x10sys.com">Reid Spencer</a> and <a
  href="mailto:sabre at nondot.org">Chris Lattner</a><br>
 <a href="http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu">The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure</a><br>
-Last modified: $Date: 2004/08/20 06:00:42 $
+Last modified: $Date: 2004/08/27 07:59:37 $

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