[llvm-commits] CVS: llvm/lib/Bytecode/Makefile

LLVM llvm at cs.uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 7 12:59:01 PDT 2004

Changes in directory llvm/lib/Bytecode:

Makefile updated: 1.2 -> 1.3

Log message:

Commit For New Tool: llvm-abcd (Analysis of ByteCode Dumper).  This tool 
will (eventually) provide statistical analysis of bytecode files as well 
as the ability to dump them in a low level format (slot numbers not 
resolved). The purpose of this is to aid in the Type!=Value change of 
bug 122: http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/PR122 . With this initial release, llvm-abcd merely dumps out the 
bytecode. However, the infrastructure for separating bytecode parsing from 
handling the parsing events is in place. The style chosen is similar to
SAX XML parsing where a handler object is called to handlign the parsing
events. This probably isn't useful to anyone but me right now as there is 
no analysis yet, and the dumper doesn't work on every bytecode file. It 
will probably be useful by the end of this week. Note that there is some 
duplication of code from the bytecode reader.  This was done to eliminate 
errors from being introduced in the reader and to minimize the impact to 
other LLVM developers. At some point, the Analyzer and the Reader will be
integrated to use the same infrastructure. Also, sorry for the minor change 
to Instruction.h but I just couldn't bring myself to write code that 
depends on Instruction internals.

Diffs of the changes:  (+1 -1)

Index: llvm/lib/Bytecode/Makefile
diff -u llvm/lib/Bytecode/Makefile:1.2 llvm/lib/Bytecode/Makefile:1.3
--- llvm/lib/Bytecode/Makefile:1.2	Mon Oct 20 17:26:56 2003
+++ llvm/lib/Bytecode/Makefile	Mon Jun  7 12:53:43 2004
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
 LEVEL = ../..
-DIRS = Reader Writer
+DIRS = Analyzer Reader Writer
 include $(LEVEL)/Makefile.common

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