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Thu May 6 17:04:08 PDT 2004

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CommandLine.html updated: 1.19 -> 1.20

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Add a new cl::PositionalEatsArgs flag

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diff -u llvm/docs/CommandLine.html:1.19 llvm/docs/CommandLine.html:1.20
--- llvm/docs/CommandLine.html:1.19	Fri Nov  7 13:42:44 2003
+++ llvm/docs/CommandLine.html	Thu May  6 17:03:59 2004
@@ -870,13 +870,14 @@
 <p>There are several limitations to when <tt>cl::ConsumeAfter</tt> options can
 be specified.  For example, only one <tt>cl::ConsumeAfter</tt> can be specified
 per program, there must be at least one <a href="#positional">positional
-argument</a> specified, and the <tt>cl::ConsumeAfter</tt> option should be a <a
+argument</a> specified, there must not be any <a href="#cl::list">cl::list</a>
+positional arguments, and the <tt>cl::ConsumeAfter</tt> option should be a <a
 href="#cl::list">cl::list</a> option.</p>
 <!-- ======================================================================= -->
-<div class="subsection">
+<div class="doc_subsection">
   <a name="storage">Internal vs External Storage</a>
@@ -1283,10 +1284,19 @@
 makes sense to be used in a case where the option is allowed to accept one or
 more values (i.e. it is a <a href="#cl::list">cl::list</a> option).</li>
+<li><a name="cl::PositionalEatsArgs">The
+<b><tt>cl::PositionalEatsArgs</tt></b></a> modifier (which only applies to
+positional arguments, and only makes sense for lists) indicates that positional
+argument should consume any strings after it (including strings that start with
+a "-") up until another recognized positional argument.  For example, if you
+have two "eating" positional arguments "<tt>pos1</tt>" and "<tt>pos2</tt>" the
+string "<tt>-pos1 -foo -bar baz -pos2 -bork</tt>" would cause the "<tt>-foo -bar
+-baz</tt>" strings to be applied to the "<tt>-pos1</tt>" option and the
+"<tt>-bork</tt>" string to be applied to the "<tt>-pos2</tt>" option.</li>
-<p>So far, the only miscellaneous option modifier is the
-<tt>cl::CommaSeparated</tt> modifier.</p>
+<p>So far, these are the only two miscellaneous option modifiers.</p>
@@ -1692,7 +1702,7 @@
   <address><a href="mailto:sabre at nondot.org">Chris Lattner</a></address>
   <a href="http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu">The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure</a>
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