[llvm-commits] CVS: llvm/lib/Transforms/ExprTypeConvert.cpp FunctionInlining.cpp LevelRaise.cpp

Chris Lattner lattner at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Oct 1 17:39:02 PDT 2002

Changes in directory llvm/lib/Transforms:

ExprTypeConvert.cpp updated: 1.59 -> 1.60
FunctionInlining.cpp updated: 1.36 -> 1.37
LevelRaise.cpp updated: 1.71 -> 1.72

Log message:

Updates to work with recent Statistic's changes:
    * Renamed StatisticReporter.h/cpp to Statistic.h/cpp
    * Broke constructor to take two const char * arguments instead of one, so
      that indendation can be taken care of automatically.
    * Sort the list by pass name when printing
    * Make sure to print all statistics as a group, instead of randomly when
      the statistics dtors are called.
    * Updated ProgrammersManual with new semantics.

Diffs of the changes:

Index: llvm/lib/Transforms/ExprTypeConvert.cpp
diff -u llvm/lib/Transforms/ExprTypeConvert.cpp:1.59 llvm/lib/Transforms/ExprTypeConvert.cpp:1.60
--- llvm/lib/Transforms/ExprTypeConvert.cpp:1.59	Mon Sep 16 13:32:32 2002
+++ llvm/lib/Transforms/ExprTypeConvert.cpp	Tue Oct  1 17:38:34 2002
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
 #include "llvm/ConstantHandling.h"
 #include "llvm/Analysis/Expressions.h"
 #include "Support/STLExtras.h"
-#include "Support/StatisticReporter.h"
+#include "Support/Statistic.h"
 #include <algorithm>
 using std::cerr;

Index: llvm/lib/Transforms/FunctionInlining.cpp
diff -u llvm/lib/Transforms/FunctionInlining.cpp:1.36 llvm/lib/Transforms/FunctionInlining.cpp:1.37
--- llvm/lib/Transforms/FunctionInlining.cpp:1.36	Sun Sep 22 13:41:25 2002
+++ llvm/lib/Transforms/FunctionInlining.cpp	Tue Oct  1 17:38:34 2002
@@ -25,11 +25,10 @@
 #include "llvm/iPHINode.h"
 #include "llvm/iOther.h"
 #include "llvm/Type.h"
-#include "Support/StatisticReporter.h"
+#include "Support/Statistic.h"
 #include <algorithm>
-#include <iostream>
-static Statistic<> NumInlined("inline\t\t- Number of functions inlined");
+static Statistic<> NumInlined("inline", "Number of functions inlined");
 using std::cerr;
 // RemapInstruction - Convert the instruction operands from referencing the 

Index: llvm/lib/Transforms/LevelRaise.cpp
diff -u llvm/lib/Transforms/LevelRaise.cpp:1.71 llvm/lib/Transforms/LevelRaise.cpp:1.72
--- llvm/lib/Transforms/LevelRaise.cpp:1.71	Tue Sep 17 19:42:45 2002
+++ llvm/lib/Transforms/LevelRaise.cpp	Tue Oct  1 17:38:34 2002
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 #include "llvm/Analysis/Verifier.h"
 #include "llvm/Transforms/Utils/BasicBlockUtils.h"
 #include "Support/STLExtras.h"
-#include "Support/StatisticReporter.h"
+#include "Support/Statistic.h"
 #include "Support/CommandLine.h"
 #include <algorithm>
 using std::cerr;
@@ -31,19 +31,19 @@
        cl::desc("Start raise pass at the instruction with the specified name"));
 static Statistic<>
-NumLoadStorePeepholes("raise\t\t- Number of load/store peepholes");
+NumLoadStorePeepholes("raise", "Number of load/store peepholes");
 static Statistic<> 
-NumGEPInstFormed("raise\t\t- Number of other getelementptr's formed");
+NumGEPInstFormed("raise", "Number of other getelementptr's formed");
 static Statistic<>
-NumExprTreesConv("raise\t\t- Number of expression trees converted");
+NumExprTreesConv("raise", "Number of expression trees converted");
 static Statistic<>
-NumCastOfCast("raise\t\t- Number of cast-of-self removed");
+NumCastOfCast("raise", "Number of cast-of-self removed");
 static Statistic<>
-NumDCEorCP("raise\t\t- Number of insts DCEd or constprop'd");
+NumDCEorCP("raise", "Number of insts DCEd or constprop'd");
 #define PRINT_PEEPHOLE(ID, NUM, I)            \

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