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Chris Lattner lattner at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 17 11:48:01 PDT 2002

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WritingAnLLVMPass.html updated: 1.9 -> 1.10

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Fix typeo

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Index: llvm/www/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html
diff -u llvm/www/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html:1.9 llvm/www/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html:1.10
--- llvm/www/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html:1.9	Mon Sep 16 17:37:56 2002
+++ llvm/www/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html	Tue Sep 17 11:47:06 2002
@@ -1139,7 +1139,7 @@
 <!-- _______________________________________________________________________ -->
 </ul><h4><a name="SMP"><hr size=0>Multithreaded LLVM</h4><ul>
-Multiple CPU machines are becoming more command and compilation can never be
+Multiple CPU machines are becoming more common and compilation can never be
 fast enough: obviously we should allow for a multithreaded compiler.  Because of
 the semantics defined for passes above (specifically they cannot maintain state
 across invocations of their <tt>run*</tt> methods), a nice clean way to

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