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Add some information about the Instruction class and Instruction.def

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@@ -901,6 +901,17 @@
 <tt>getOperand()</tt>/<tt>getNumOperands()</tt> and
 <tt>op_begin()</tt>/<tt>op_end()</tt> methods).<p>
+An important file for the <tt>Instruction</tt> class is the
+<tt>llvm/Instruction.def</tt> file.  This file contains some meta-data about the
+various different types of instructions in LLVM.  It describes the enum values
+that are used as opcodes (for example <tt>Instruction::Add</tt> and
+<tt>Instruction::SetLE</tt>), as well as the concrete sub-classes of
+<tt>Instruction</tt> that implement the instruction (for example <tt><a
+href="#BinaryOperator">BinaryOperator</a></tt> and <tt><a
+href="#SetCondInst">SetCondInst</a></tt>).  Unfortunately, the use of macros in
+this file confused doxygen, so these enum values don't show up correctly in the
+<a href="/doxygen/classInstruction.html">doxygen output</a>.<p>
 <!-- _______________________________________________________________________ -->
 </ul><h4><a name="m_Instruction"><hr size=0>Important Public Members of
@@ -920,6 +931,14 @@
 Returns the opcode for the <tt>Instruction</tt>.<p>
+<li><tt><a href="#Instruction">Instruction</a> *clone() const</tt><p>
+Returns another instance of the specified instruction, identical in all ways to
+the original except that the instruction has no parent (ie it's not embedded
+into a <a href="#BasicBlock"><tt>BasicBlock</tt></a>), and it has no name.<p>
 \subsection{Subclasses of Instruction :} 
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