[llvm-bugs] [Bug 39543] New: llvm-pdbutil dump -fpo should work for object files

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Fri Nov 2 14:54:48 PDT 2018


            Bug ID: 39543
           Summary: llvm-pdbutil dump -fpo should work for object files
           Product: libraries
           Version: trunk
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Windows NT
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P
         Component: DebugInfo
          Assignee: unassignedbugs at nondot.org
          Reporter: rnk at google.com
                CC: jdevlieghere at apple.com, llvm-bugs at lists.llvm.org

llvm-readobj knows how to do this, and llvm-pdbutil does as well, but it only
works on PDBs. Everyone seems to agree the pdbutil output is prettier, so it'd
be nice if we could use this tool for objects as well as PDBs. This is the
current output from llvm-readobj:

    FrameData {
      RvaStart: 0x9
      CodeSize: 0x16B
      LocalSize: 0x0
      ParamsSize: 0x0
      MaxStackSize: 0x0
      PrologSize: 0x3
      SavedRegsSize: 0x10
      Flags [ (0x0)
      FrameFunc [
        $T1 $ebp 4 + =
        $T0 $T1 16 - 8 @ =
        $eip $T1 ^ =
        $esp $T1 4 + =
        $ebp $T1 4 - ^ =
        $ebx $T1 8 - ^ =
        $edi $T1 12 - ^ =
        $esi $T1 16 - ^ =

This isn't urgent, I just wanted to write it down before forgetting about it.

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