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--- Comment #2 from David Blaikie <dblaikie at gmail.com> ---
ah, nope - read 7.6 more carefully:

"If the expression is erroneous after converting to std::size_t:
(7.5) — if the expression is a core constant expression, the program is
(7.6) — otherwise, an allocation function is not called; instead
(7.6.1) — if the allocation function that would have been called has a
non-throwing exception specification
(18.4), the value of the new-expression is the null pointer value of the
required result
(7.6.2) — otherwise, the new-expression terminates by throwing an exception of
a type that would match a
handler (18.3) of type std::bad_array_new_length ("

Yep, my best reading of that is that 7.6.1 applies in all these cases and a
null pointer should be returned instead of throwing std::bad_array_new_length.

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