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NARUSE, Yui <naruse at airemix.jp> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from NARUSE, Yui <naruse at airemix.jp> ---
(In reply to Richard Smith from comment #1)
> It looks to me like it's just the *implementation* of the rb_scan_args check
> that depends on the optimizer in order to implement the check (that is, it
> generates the "bad" call unconditionally, but within a sea of conditional
> expressions that make the call unreachable in the good cases), and that the
> diagnose_if attribute is actually better suited to this kind of enforcement
> than the GCC error attribute is. Indeed, the __attribute__((error))
> enforcement will not work at -O0, and is compiled out in that case (by
> checking the __OPTIMIZE__ macro), but a diagnose_if approach would work at
> -O0.
> Please correct me if I've misunderstood any of the details here. But I'm
> inclined to say that Clang provides a superior alternative here.

I sometimes tried to use diagnose_if but failed because of Bug 38095 and Bug
Now I have a workaround and understand that the idea of Bug 38091 is come from

I committed
and mark this ticket as RESOLVED, thanks!

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