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Sat Dec 1 06:53:47 PST 2018

     Labels: -Unreproducible Reproducible

Comment by infe... at chromium.org:
Please ignore the last comment about testcase being unreproducible. The  
testcase is still reproducible. This happened due to a code refactoring on  
ClusterFuzz side, and the underlying root cause is now fixed. Resetting the  
label back to Reproducible. Sorry about the inconvenience caused from these  
incorrect notifications.

Affected issues:
   issue 4656: llvm/clang-fuzzer: Out-of-memory in llvm_clang-fuzzer

   issue 6893: llvm/llvm-opt-fuzzer--x86_64-sccp: Out-of-memory in  

   issue 10075: llvm/clang-fuzzer: ASSERT: !KeyInfoT::isEqual(Val, EmptyKey)  
&& !KeyInfoT::isEqual(Val, TombstoneKey) && "E

   issue 10907: llvm/clang-format-fuzzer: Timeout in llvm_clang-format-fuzzer

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