[llvm-bugs] Issue 3704 in oss-fuzz: llvm/clang-proto-fuzzer: ASSERT: (isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(MaxNotTaken) || isa<SCEVConstant>(MaxNotTaken)) && "No

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Thu Oct 26 01:54:20 PDT 2017

	Labels: ClusterFuzz-Verified
	Status: Verified

Comment #5 on issue 3704 by  
monor... at clusterfuzz-external.iam.gserviceaccount.com:  
llvm/clang-proto-fuzzer: ASSERT: (isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(MaxNotTaken) ||  
isa<SCEVConstant>(MaxNotTaken)) && "No

ClusterFuzz testcase 4629744193634304 is verified as fixed, so closing  
issue as verified.

If this is incorrect, please file a bug on  

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