[llvm-bugs] [Bug 27221] member function of template instantiated even though only declaration is needed

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Roland <rbock at eudoxos.de> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Roland <rbock at eudoxos.de> ---
Sorry, if I am a bit obnoxious about this. But I am having trouble with the
given explanation:

If I remove the definition of the move constructor, the code compiles and links
just fine with every compiler I could get my hands on (gcc, clang, msvc).

template<typename T>
struct X
  X() = default;


auto impl() -> X<int>
  return {};

auto test() -> decltype(impl())
  return impl();

int main()

Thus, the implementation does not seem to be required. According to the given
explanation, this depends on the current mood of the compiler, and they could
all fail to compile tomorrow. Thus, it is not deterministic whether or not this
code can be compiled.

Then maybe what I reported is not a bug in clang but a bug in the standard?

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