[LLVMbugs] [Bug 23573] Compiling for MSVC (Windows) and Clang

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Aaron Adato <aaron.adato at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Aaron Adato <aaron.adato at gmail.com> ---
Ok where is the right place? the llvm team claims that boost can be compiled
with clang on windows. How do I get in touch with them and gain access to what
they did?

This is the error mesage I get:

D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src/tools\clang-win.jam:52: in clang-win.init
from module clang-win
error: Please set <compatibility> property for visual studio version!
D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src/build\toolset.jam:43: in toolset.using
from module toolset
D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src/tools\clang.jam:30: in clang.init from
module clang
D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src/build\toolset.jam:43: in toolset.using
from module toolset
D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src/build\project.jam:1026: in using from
module project-rules
project-config.jam:4: in modules.load from module project-config
D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src\build-system.jam:249: in load-config from
module build-system
D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src\build-system.jam:412: in
load-configuration-files from module build-system
D:/local/boost_1_58_0/tools/build/src\build-system.jam:524: in load from module
D:\local\boost_1_58_0\tools\build\src/kernel\modules.jam:289: in import from
module modules
D:\local\boost_1_58_0\tools\build\src/kernel/bootstrap.jam:139: in boost-build
from module
D:\local\boost_1_58_0\boost-build.jam:17: in module scope from module

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