[llvm-bugs] [Bug 25972] New style options: 'BreakInEmptyBraces' and 'SpaceInEmptyBraces'

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Alexander Shukaev <llvm at Alexander.Shukaev.name> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Alexander Shukaev <llvm at Alexander.Shukaev.name> ---
I work at Bloomberg and our team found the absence of the 'BreakInEmptyBraces'
option particularly problematic.  You can be sure that the code bases around
here are extremely large.  For obvious reasons I can neither disclose the
details of internal style guides nor the source code.  I still do believe that
adding these options makes a lot of sense.  If we would be able to somehow poll
all of the companies/projects whose style guides are already supported, I'm
sure that the majority of them would vote for these options (at least
'BreakInEmptyBraces').  Finally, it looks like an easy addition given that
'SpaceInEmptyParentheses' already exists.  Feel free to close again if you
don't like my reasoning.  Thanks for consideration anyway.

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