[llvm-bugs] [Bug 20616] shared_ptr does not compile with fancy pointer allocators

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Mon Aug 24 22:51:28 PDT 2015


Eric Fiselier <eric at efcs.ca> changed:

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--- Comment #24 from Eric Fiselier <eric at efcs.ca> ---
Hi Thomas, I'm closing this as resolved fixed again. I looked into the deque
failures and they were cased by OffPtr diss-allowing conversions that real
pointers accept. Please re-open if you disagree with this. Below is an example
conversion accepted by real pointers but not OffPtr.

int main() {
  int* const* p = nullptr;
  const int* const* p2 = p;
  OffPtr<const OffPtr<int> > p = nullptr;
  OffPtr<const OffPtr<const int> > p2 = p; // Doesn't compile

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