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Tue Aug 4 17:24:50 PDT 2015

   VPR is invoked twice in the SPEC benchmark suite.  In the first
   invocation, it performs a placement, using the and
   files as inputs, and creating the place_log.out and place.out files
   as outputs.  In the second invocation, VPR performs a routing, using
   the, and files as inputs, and creating the
   route_log.out and route.out files as outputs.

Our testing log always shows an error because it can't find the files
route_log.out and route.out . This is why. But, because it's not run on the
native version either, the diff matches.

I think that tests are assumed to run only once (which theoretically makes
sense), but not in this case, so we are missing part of the correctness test,
and a whole other code-path.

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