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--- Comment #6 from jonathan.sauer at gmx.de ---
Changing the following line in the makefile in modules made the code link:




  LINK = $(CC) -I$(INCLUDE_DIR) -Wl,-undefined -Wl,dynamic_lookup $(CFLAGS)

The reason is that each module requires "register_mod_fileds" and
"set_mod_record" in the application while not linking against the application
itself. Adding above flags makes the linker ignore (all) undefined symbols.

Not sure why this works out of the box with gcc though.

This does not seem to be a bug in clang, so I'm closing this bug. Feel free to
reopen if you disagree, though.

BTW: After successfully linking mod_swap, compilation of mod_partition failed
on my system (OS X 10.9.2) because the header "mntent.h" -- which i gather is
Linux-specific -- could not be found. So there might be some more porting work
involved to get tsar running on OS X.

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