[LLVMbugs] [Bug 20329] Demo Kaleidoscope/MCJIT Produces Incorrect Output on ARM

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Jesse Medley <mjllvmbugzilla at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Jesse Medley <mjllvmbugzilla at gmail.com> ---
Just had a chance to try this out:
ready> def add(x y) x+y;
ready> Read function definition:
define double @add(double %x, double %y) {
  %y2 = alloca double
  %x1 = alloca double
  store double %x, double* %x1
  store double %y, double* %y2
  %x3 = load double* %x1
  %y4 = load double* %y2
  %addtmp = fadd double %x3, %y4
  ret double %addtmp

ready> add(1, 2);
ready> Evaluated to 3.000000

So it's working correctly now. Thanks, Renato! I also attached a little patch
that I used to get the example to compile. I was going to go ahead and send
that to the commits mailing list if that's okay.

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