[LLVMbugs] [Bug 16649] __attribute__((noreturn)) corrupts instruction pointer on method call

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--- Comment #2 from reid.kleckner at gmail.com <reid.kleckner at gmail.com> ---
The noreturn attribute is part of the method type and is inherited onto the
derived foo method, for better or worse.

TOT clang actually warns you and generates an trap at -O0:

$ clang t.cpp -o t
t.cpp:16:3: warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type]
1 warning generated.

$ ./t
Illegal instruction

Clang generates this IR-ish:

  switch i32 %2, label %sw.epilog [
    i32 3, label %sw.bb
    i32 4, label %sw.bb2

sw.bb:                                            ; preds = %entry
  %3 = load %class.A** %b, align 4
  %4 = bitcast %class.A* %3 to i1 (%class.A*)***
  %vtable = load i1 (%class.A*)*** %4
  %vfn = getelementptr inbounds i1 (%class.A*)** %vtable, i64 0
  %5 = load i1 (%class.A*)** %vfn
  %6 = call x86_thiscallcc zeroext i1 %5(%class.A* %3) #5

; Note the missing call to printf("3\n");

sw.bb2:                                           ; preds = %entry
  %call3 = call i32 (i8*, ...)* @printf(i8* getelementptr inbounds ([3 x i8]*
@.str, i32 0, i32 0))

Apple clang 4.2 / upstream clang 3.2 appears to simply fall through when the
unreachable is executed.

I think the fact that TOT clang warns on this is enough to declare this Working
As Intended.

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