[LLVMbugs] [Bug 15352] New: x86 crash: cannot select v4i32 = vselect

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            Bug ID: 15352
           Summary: x86 crash: cannot select v4i32 = vselect
           Product: new-bugs
           Version: trunk
          Hardware: PC
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P
         Component: new bugs
          Assignee: unassignedbugs at nondot.org
          Reporter: matt at pharr.org
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu
    Classification: Unclassified

Created attachment 10074
  --> http://llvm.org/bugs/attachment.cgi?id=10074&action=edit
test case

With the attached test case, if I run:

% llc bug.bc -o -

I get the following crash:

LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: 0x7feb3984fb10: v4i32 = vselect 0x7feb39850010,
0x7feb39872310, 0x7feb3984fc10 [ORD=574] [ID=32]
  0x7feb39850010: v4i32 = X86ISD::CMPP 0x7feb39850810, 0x7feb39850f10,
0x7feb3986e310 [ID=31]
    0x7feb39850810: v4f32,ch = load 0x7feb39459688, 0x7feb3986eb10,
0x7feb39872f10<LD16[ConstantPool]> [ID=25]
      0x7feb3986eb10: i64 = X86ISD::WrapperRIP 0x7feb39873f10 [ID=22]
        0x7feb39873f10: i64 = TargetConstantPool<<4 x float> <float
0x3EB0C6F7A0000000, float 0x3EB0C6F7A0000000, float 0x3EB0C6F7A0000000, float
0x3EB0C6F7A0000000>> 0 [ID=16]
      0x7feb39872f10: i64 = undef [ID=14]
    0x7feb39850f10: v4f32 = bitcast 0x7feb39873210 [ID=29]
      0x7feb39873210: v2i64 = and 0x7feb39873e10, 0x7feb39850e10 [ID=28]
        0x7feb39873e10: v2i64 = bitcast 0x7feb39850a10 [ID=26]
          0x7feb39850a10: v4f32 = fsub 0x7feb39850710, 0x7feb39873b10 [ORD=569]
            0x7feb39850710: v4f32,ch = CopyFromReg 0x7feb39459688,
0x7feb3987a210 [ORD=569] [ID=17]
              0x7feb3987a210: v4f32 = Register %vreg6 [ORD=569] [ID=1]
            0x7feb39873b10: v4f32,ch = CopyFromReg 0x7feb39459688,
0x7feb3986e210 [ORD=569] [ID=18]
              0x7feb3986e210: v4f32 = Register %vreg7 [ORD=569] [ID=2]
        0x7feb39850e10: v2i64,ch = load 0x7feb39459688, 0x7feb39873010,
0x7feb39872f10<LD16[ConstantPool]> [ID=24]
          0x7feb39873010: i64 = X86ISD::WrapperRIP 0x7feb39851210 [ID=21]
            0x7feb39851210: i64 = TargetConstantPool<<4 x i32> <i32 2147483647,
i32 2147483647, i32 2147483647, i32 2147483647>> 0 [ID=15]
          0x7feb39872f10: i64 = undef [ID=14]
    0x7feb3986e310: i8 = Constant<6> [ID=12]
  0x7feb39872310: v4i32,ch = CopyFromReg 0x7feb39459688, 0x7feb39872e10
[ORD=574] [ID=19]
    0x7feb39872e10: v4i32 = Register %vreg8 [ORD=574] [ID=3]
  0x7feb3984fc10: v4i32 = BUILD_VECTOR 0x7feb3986e710, 0x7feb3986e710,
0x7feb3986e710, 0x7feb3986e710 [ORD=574] [ID=20]
    0x7feb3986e710: i32 = Constant<0> [ORD=574] [ID=6]
    0x7feb3986e710: i32 = Constant<0> [ORD=574] [ID=6]
    0x7feb3986e710: i32 = Constant<0> [ORD=574] [ID=6]
    0x7feb3986e710: i32 = Constant<0> [ORD=574] [ID=6]

According to https://github.com/ispc/ispc/issues/430, this was introduced in
r175336, but I haven't personally verified this.

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