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--- Comment #1 from Chris Lattner <clattner at apple.com>  2009-06-25 11:25:26 ---
Clang tracks this information, but doesn't print it in the dump output.  The )
token that gets expanded through the macro will have a sourcelocation that is a
macroloc.  On that location you can us SM.getInstantiationRange(Loc)  which
returns a pair.  The first element of the pair should be the FOO token, the
second element of the range should be the ) of the foo instantiation.  You can
see that the diagnostic printer uses this in cases like this:

extern struct x y;
#define FOO(X) X
void bar() {
  1 + FOO(y);

t.c:8:5: error: invalid operands to binary expression ('int' and 'struct x')
  1 + FOO(y);
  ~ ^ ~~~~~~

In the ast we just have the 1, +, and y tokens.  The y token has an
instantiation range that covers the whole foo invocation (4 tokens).

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