[LLVMbugs] [Bug 1702] New: HANDLE_PRAGMA_PACK_PUSH_POP in gcc/config/freebsd.h

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Tue Sep 25 20:33:41 PDT 2007


           Summary: HANDLE_PRAGMA_PACK_PUSH_POP in gcc/config/freebsd.h
           Product: new-bugs
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: FreeBSD
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: P2
         Component: new bugs
        AssignedTo: unassignedbugs at nondot.org
        ReportedBy: emil at cs.rmit.edu.au
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu

This error in llvm 2.1 "make check":

FAIL: /home/emil/ll/llvm-2.1/test/CFrontend/2007-09-12-PragmaPack.c
Failed with exit(1) at line 1
while running: /home/emil/ll/prefix/bin/llvm-gcc -emit-llvm -O3 -S -o -
/home/emil/ll/llvm-2.1/test/CFrontend/2007-09-12-PragmaPack.c | grep {26}
/home/emil/ll/llvm-2.1/test/CFrontend/2007-09-12-PragmaPack.c:5: warning:
#pragma pack(push[, id], <n>) is not supported on this target
/home/emil/ll/llvm-2.1/test/CFrontend/2007-09-12-PragmaPack.c:26: warning:
#pragma pack(pop[, id], <n>) is not supported on this target

Is fixed by the following patch to llvm-gcc4:
--- llvm-gcc4.0-2.1.source/gcc/config/freebsd.h.orig    2007-09-26
12:38:58.804518521 +1000
+++ llvm-gcc4.0-2.1.source/gcc/config/freebsd.h 2007-09-26 12:39:39.290051224
@@ -85,3 +85,5 @@
    This enables the test coverage code to use file locking when exiting a
    program, which avoids race conditions if the program has forked.  */
+#define HANDLE_PRAGMA_PACK_PUSH_POP                                            

The added line is apparently not present in gcc mainline, but is a local change
in the GCC sources in the FreeBSD base system:

Big thanks to Anton Korobeynikov for chasing this down!

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