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--- Comment #13 from Samit Basu <basu at research.ge.com>  2007-09-05 08:54:50 ---
OK - I finally had some time to track this down.  Reid, I don't know related
this is to your problems, but Chris was essentially right - the issues appear
to be entirely on my end - not LLVM related, although LLVM induced.  Here's the
synopsis of what I found:

1.  gcc 3.4.6 - exceptions do _not_ work properly when mixing LLVM code (which
uses -fomit-frame-pointer) with code that does not use this flag.  So even
though my example code worked, my application did not.

2.  gcc 4.1.2 - Fedora Core 6 - this actually works fine.  The problem I had
was that I mistakenly installed the llvm-gcc front end into my home directory. 
This put the llvm-gcc libstdc++.a in my path, which was picked up by the
regular gcc (instead of its own libstdc++.so).  Hence, exception handling was

3.  gcc 4.1.2 - Fedora Core 7 - worked fine, because I never installed the
llvm-gcc front end.

I'm closing out this bug, although someone may want to mention the issue with
3.4.6 in the broken compiler list (and maybe warn users to be careful about
where they install llvm-gcc...).

Thanks again everyone for such a cool product.


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