[LLVMbugs] [Bug 1820] New: Macro expansion bug

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Thu Nov 22 20:26:05 PST 2007


           Summary: Macro expansion bug
           Product: cfe
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: NetBSD
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: preprocessor
        AssignedTo: unassignedbugs at nondot.org
        ReportedBy: neil at daikokuya.co.uk
                CC: llvmbugs at cs.uiuc.edu

clang doesn't implement the rescan rule of C99 correctly.

#define f(x) h(x
#define h(x) x(void) 
extern int f(f));

should preprocess to

   extern int f(void);

clang outputs

   extern int h(void;

Compare to GCC, ucpp, sparse and Comeau online at
http://www.comeaucomputing.com/tryitout/ for example.

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