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------- Additional Comments From rspencer at x10sys.com  2004-09-05 18:01 -------
Reopening this bug. I intend to implement the automake Makefiles without
sacrificing or conflicting with the current Makefile system. Whether we keep one
system or both (or neither!;) is for someone else to decide at a later time. I
personally need the automation and platform support provided by automake in
order to create production versions of LLVM.

So, here's the plan:

1. There will be an llvm/autoconf_am directory created to maintain a wholly
   different configure script. It will create configure_am instead of configure
   script. This directory is needed because aclocal can *only* work with a file
   named configure.{ac,in}. I can't tell it to use an alternate file for its
   input. <sigh>

2. A set of Makefile.am files will be created in every directory that contains
   the automake instructions for that directory. There are no such files with 
   that name currently so this won't conflict with anything. The only conflict
   is that every Makefile.am is turned into Makefile.in by automake and that is
   turned into Makefile by configure. So, the "Makefile" generated to the 
   build dir will be significantly different than the one generated by the 
   current system. This means the two build systems cannot co-exist in the
   BUILD dir (but they can in the src dir).

If I come up with issues, the solution will always be to leave the current
Makefile system alone so that this work doesn't break the existing compilation
system. When everything works nicely under automake, we can then decide what to
do with it. 

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