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------- Additional Comments From rspencer at x10sys.com  2004-09-05 03:14 -------
The conversion has been completed. John C did the basic work of creating a new
cvs module (llvm-test) that contained the test scripts and basic autoconf
support. I polished that up and made it at least work for the nightly tester.
There may be a few other glitches that I haven't found yet, but the build of the
work is done and it works.

SOOOO .. here's what you need to know:

1. llvm/test/Programs is now "empty"

2. llvm/test/Regression and llvm/test/Feature remain, unchanged

3. to build the test suite you need to:
      cd $LLVM_SRC_ROOT/projects
      cvs co -PR llvm-test
      cd $LLVM_OBJ_ROOT/projects
      $LLVM_SRC_ROOT/configure --with-llvmsrc=$LLVM_SRC_ROOT \

4. The llvm configure script will invoke the projects/llvm-test configure 
   script properly if you'd rather do that.

5. In 1.4 the source tarball for llvm won't contain the Programs test suite
   which should make it significantly smaller.

6. The NightlyTest.pl script has been modified to take the above into account.

Happy Testing.

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