[LLVMbugs] [Bug 342] Uses of $(VERB) should be absorbed into tool defn

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------- Additional Comments From brukman+bugs at uiuc.edu  2004-06-04 11:57 -------
After careful consideration, trial-and-error, and some more consideration, I am
thinking this is a non-issue.  The problem is that absorbing the "@" into the
tool name becomes problematic as soon as the tool is not the first thing on the
command line, e.g.:

VERB = @
A = $(VERB) /bin/a
B = $(VERB) /bin/b

  $(A) | grep ... | sort | $(B)

This is a syntax error, naturally.  Since we don't know when or where things
like cp, mv, rm, llvm-{as,dis,etc} will be used, I think it's safer to be
consistent and just have the $(VERB) explicit on the command line, because that
guarantees its always correct, at the beginning of the line.

If someone has a better suggestion, please chime in.

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