[LLVMbugs] [Bug 255] [tailduplication] Single basic block loops are very rare

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------- Additional Comments From sabre at nondot.org  2004-02-29 00:48 -------
This tiny patch fixes the problem:

After applying this, we get:

void %test() {
        br label %no_exit
        %i.0.pn = phi int [ 0, %entry ], [ %inc, %no_exit ]
        %tmp.4 = cast int %i.0.pn to long
        %tmp.5 = getelementptr [1000 x int]* %A, long 0, long %tmp.4
        store int 0, int* %tmp.5
        %inc = add int %i.0.pn, 1
        %tmp.11 = setlt int %inc, 1000
        br bool %tmp.11, label %no_exit, label %return
return:         ; preds = %no_exit
        ret void

As we would expect on the testcase in the bug.

Note that this is really just a bandaid over the problem.  It simply enables
tail-duplication in the one really bad case that it is absolutely essential. 
The real problem is still very present, and should be fixed: namely that taildup
requires a general dominator update mechanism.

In the meantime, at least we won't generate completely brain-dead code and
modulo-sched will have a chance again. :)


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