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------- Additional Comments From sabre at nondot.org  2004-02-12 15:15 -------
Fixed.  Patch here:

Here's the testcase:

For this test:
struct X { int V[10000]; };
struct X Global1, Global2;
void test() {
  memcpy(&Global1, &Global2, sizeof(Global2));
  Global2 = Global1;

We now generate the following X86 code, which is substantially better than GCC:

$ llvmgcc test2.c -c -o - | llc -regalloc=linearscan
        .align 16
        .globl test
        .type  test, @function
.LBB0:  # entry
        sub %ESP, 12
        mov DWORD PTR [%ESP + 8], %ESI
        mov DWORD PTR [%ESP + 4], %EDI
        mov %ECX, 40000
        mov %EDI, OFFSET Global1
        mov %ESI, OFFSET Global2
        rep movsb 
        mov %ECX, 10000
        mov %EDI, OFFSET Global2
        mov %ESI, OFFSET Global1
        rep movsd 
        # FP_REG_KILL
        mov %EDI, DWORD PTR [%ESP + 4]
        mov %ESI, DWORD PTR [%ESP + 8]
        add %ESP, 12

        .comm Global1,40000,4           # %struct.X* %Global1
        .comm Global2,40000,4           # %struct.X* %Global2


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