[LLVMbugs] [Bug 230] NEW: Automate llvm-gcc build process as a "project"

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Tue Feb 10 11:50:43 PST 2004


           Summary: Automate llvm-gcc build process as a "project"
           Product: Build scripts
           Version: cvs
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P2
         Component: Makefiles
        AssignedTo: gaeke+bugs at uiuc.edu
        ReportedBy: gaeke+bugs at uiuc.edu

This bug summarizes some plans that Chris and I made for integrating llvm-gcc
into the build process, long-term. 

Top-level configure script should check to see if it can find llvm-gcc using
--with-llvmgccdir. If so, it can use the pre-built llvm-gcc. If not, can it find
it in llvm/projects/? If so, then it can configure and build llvm-gcc. If not,
freak out, print warnings, tell the user he/she can only do "make tools-only",
etc. like we do now.

NB: llvm-gcc depends on tools. The "llvm bootstrap" process involves building
the tools first, then llvm-gcc, and then any other runtime libraries, projects, etc.

Background: We want it to be possible to do 2 things:
1) for ease of development, we want to be able to build llvm-gcc as part of the
llvm tree, in one big lump. You should be able to start with nothing, d/l llvm,
llvm-gcc, and llvm/runtime all separately, and untar them into one big tree, and
say "make", come back in an hour, and have a full, working set of llvm stuff.

2) for distribution and in order to satisfy licensing restrictions, we want to
be able to distribute separate, working packages of llvm, llvm-gcc, and

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