[LLVMbugs] Internal compiler error

Vipin Gokhale vipin.gokhale at comcast.net
Wed Oct 29 10:16:37 PST 2003


My apologies in advance for sending email directly to the list instead 
of bugzilla. I have a rather "large testcase" (a preprocessed output 
from a very large commercial product; 100K+ lines as reported by wc -l 
:-( ) which crashes the compiler - I was using llvmgcc -S on the 
preprocessed file.

Line number reported in the error text didn't point to anything obvious 
(atleast to me...) and this same C file compiles just fine with GCC 
2.96. I'm still in the midst of trying to compile cfrontend and llvm 
from sources on RedHat AS 2.1 (gcc 2.96 based) in hopes of reducing the 
"testcase" to something smaller. In the mean time, wondering if someone 
willing to look at this could send me a email so I can email the 
testcase directly rather than send it out to the whole list.

Thanks in advance,

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