[LLVMbugs] problems with llc

Misha Brukman brukman at uiuc.edu
Thu Nov 20 16:54:06 PST 2003

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 06:44:41PM -0600, Rahul Joshi wrote:
> I am trying to compile SPEC 2000 gcc using LLVM. I can
> generate code for x68 using llc, but when I try to do that for
> Sparc, it takes a lot of time and memory...its still running
> on my machine for about 8-10 minutes. Has anyone tried to
> generate Sparc code for gcc? 

Short answer: it doesn't work (yet).
See the test results page:


The SPEC programs that have stars are currently broken, gcc is one of
them. Sorry.

BTW, this is the bugs list. Few people actually read it. With questions
like "Has anyone ..." you may want to contact llvmdev instead.
> I just realized that I compiled gcc on a linux machine and
> now I am generating Sparc code for the resulting .bc file.
> Will that be a problem, assuming that I use SUN specific
> flags when compiling gcc?

Yes, it will be a problem because if you compile the C code on Linux,
you pull in Linux headers, if you compile on a Sun machine, it will pull
in Sun headers. For one, standard out and error are implemented
differently on Linux and Sparc, so the resulting assembly may not
assemble and work on a Sun.

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