[LLVMbugs] BreakCriticalEdges and DominanceFrontier

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Wed Oct 30 18:52:25 PST 2002

> I thought it should be both easy and consistent for BreakCriticalEdges
> to update DominanceFrontier information - I was right.

Yup, very nice!

> Also, I changed BreakCriticalEdges to name the new block that spits the
> edge between blocks bb0 and bb1 "bb0.bb1": this makes it a little easier
> for me to understand the output of my PRE pass.  This is purely a style
> issue, and has no technical merit, so feel free to reject this part of
> the patch.

Sounds good to me, I made it produce names of the form "bb0.bb1_crit_edge"
to be nice and extra verbose.  :)


Thanks for the patches!



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