[llvm-branch-commits] [cfe-branch] r311451 - Mention the ObjC property synthesis changes in release notes

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Tue Aug 22 06:11:19 PDT 2017

Author: arphaman
Date: Tue Aug 22 06:11:19 2017
New Revision: 311451

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=311451&view=rev
Mention the ObjC property synthesis changes in release notes


Modified: cfe/branches/release_50/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/cfe/branches/release_50/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst?rev=311451&r1=311450&r2=311451&view=diff
--- cfe/branches/release_50/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst (original)
+++ cfe/branches/release_50/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst Tue Aug 22 06:11:19 2017
@@ -176,7 +176,16 @@ C++1z Feature Support
 Objective-C Language Changes in Clang
+- Clang now guarantees that a ``readwrite`` property is synthesized when an
+  ambiguous property (i.e. a property that's declared in multiple protocols)
+  is synthesized. The ``-Wprotocol-property-synthesis-ambiguity`` warning that
+  warns about incompatible property types is now promoted to an error when
+  there's an ambiguity between ``readwrite`` and ``readonly`` properties.
+- Clang now prohibits synthesis of ambiguous properties with incompatible
+  explicit property attributes. The following property attributes are
+  checked for differences: ``copy``, ``retain``/``strong``, ``atomic``,
+  ``getter`` and ``setter``.
 OpenCL C Language Changes in Clang

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