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Author: hans
Date: Mon Feb 23 18:11:32 2015
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ReleaseNotes: add LLVMSharp & ClangSharp, by Mukul Sabharwal


Modified: llvm/branches/release_36/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
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@@ -602,6 +602,24 @@ x86/x86_64 systems like Linux, OS X, Fre
 PowerPC (32/64 bit). Ports to other architectures like ARM, AArch64 and MIPS64
 are underway.
+LLVMSharp & ClangSharp
+`LLVMSharp <http://www.llvmsharp.org>`_ and
+`ClangSharp <http://www.clangsharp.org>`_ are type-safe C# bindings for
+Microsoft.NET and Mono that Platform Invoke into the native libraries.
+ClangSharp is self-hosted and is used to generated LLVMSharp using the
+`LLVMSharp Kaleidoscope Tutorials <http://www.llvmsharp.org/Kaleidoscope/>`_
+are instructive examples of writing a compiler in C#, with certain improvements
+like using the visitor pattern to generate LLVM IR.
+`ClangSharp PInvoke Generator <http://www.clangsharp.org/PInvoke/>`_ is the
+self-hosting mechanism for LLVM/ClangSharp and is demonstrative of using
+LibClang to generate Platform Invoke (PInvoke) signatures for C APIs.
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