[llvm-announce] LLVM 3.2 Release!

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Thu Dec 20 23:03:39 PST 2012

LLVM Fans, LLVM 3.2 is done!! Get it here: 

or read about it: 

Despite only it being a bit over 6 months of development since 3.1, LLVM 3.2
is a huge leap, delivering a wide range of improvements and new features.
Clang now includes industry-leading C++'11 support, improved diagnostics, C11
and Objective-C improvements (including "ObjC literals" support), and the
Clang static analyzer now has the ability to do inter-procedural (cross-
function) analysis along with improved Objective-C support.

LLVM 3.2 now includes an (early in development) auto-vectorizer, and includes
tuning support for several new ARM CPU variants, code generation support for
the NVIDIA PTX virtual ISA, a significantly improved SROA pass, improvements
in AVX2 support in X86 CPUs, major leaps in the MIPS backend (including
integrated assembler and disassembler support), dramatic improvements to ELF
PowerPC64 support, LLDB is now a rock solid debugger on Mac OS X, and an
uncountable number of bug fixes and other minor improvements has landed in
this release.  For more details, please see the full release notes linked

This release would not be possible without our volunteer release team! Thanks
to our amazing new release manager PaweĊ‚ Wodnicki, as well as Nikola
Smiljanic, Nakamura Takumi, Duncan Sands and Bill Wendling for their work to
qualify and shepherd the release.

If you have questions or comments about this release, please contact the
LLVMdev mailing list!  Onward to LLVM 3.3!


LLVM 3.1 Release Announcement:

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