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> On Mar 20, 2021, at 8:57 AM, Franz Fehringer via lldb-dev <lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> Dear lldb-dev community,
> First a disclaimer: If my question is inappropriate for this (developer) list please ignore or guide me to a more appropriate list (it is possibly more of an end user question).
> Is it possible to debug Visual Studio generated (with pdb debug info) executables (2017 or 2019, C++ only)  with lldb?

LLDB does have PDB parsing abilities, though I am unsure how well they work out of the box with no extra configuration. There are two PDB parsers in LLDB at the moment, one that uses a DLL from Visual Studio that knows how to parse a PDB file, and one that tries to parse the PDB file manually. So if you are natively on windows, I believe you might need to set run the batch file that sets up environment variables for finding these DLLs. The native PDB parser should work, but I am not sure if the native version always takes precedence when running on the Windows OS.

Maybe someone that did the PDB integration could chime in?

> And if so is there a full integration into eclipse so i can debug Visual Studio generated executable with eclipse?

The only integration that I am aware of was one that used lldb-mi, or the GDB remote machine interface. But the lldb-mi was dropped from the top of tree LLDB a while ago because it was not tested and was bit rotting.

We do have a lldb-vscode binary that implements the Microsoft Visual Studio Code DAP (Debug Adaptor Protocol). If there are any Eclipse plug-ins that integrated with the VS Code DAP plug-ins, that would be the option I would suggest looking into. Is using Visual Studio Code an option, or only Eclipse?

> The platform in question is Microsoft Windows 10 (recent versions).
> Thx in advance
> Franz
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