[lldb-dev] Removing linux mips support

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This all sounds in line with the expectations we've laid out on the mailing
list in the past for platform/language support.

On Tue, Mar 9, 2021 at 12:24 AM Pavel Labath via lldb-dev <
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> Hi all,
> I propose to remove support for linux mips debugging. This basically
> amounts to deleting
> source/Plugins/Process/Linux/NativeRegisterContextLinux_mips64.{cpp,h}.
> My reasons for doing that are:
> - This code is unmaintained (last non-mechanical change was in 2017) and
> untested (no public buildbots), so we don't know if even basic
> functionality works, or if it indeed builds.
> - At the same, it is carrying a lot of technical debt, which is leaking
> out of the mips-specific files, and interfering with other development
> efforts. The last instance of this is D96766, which is adding FreeBSD
> mips support, but needs to work around linux specific knowledge leaking
> into supposedly generic code. This one should be fixable relatively
> easily (these days we already have precedents for similar things in x86
> and arm code), but it needs someone who is willing to do that.
> But that is not all. To support mips, we introduced two new fields into
> the RegisterInfo struct (dynamic_size_dwarf_{expr_bytes,len}). These are
> introducing a lot of clutter in all our RegisterInfo definitions (which
> we have **a lot** of) and are not really consistent with the long term
> vision of the gdb-remote protocol usage in lldb. These days, we have a
> different mechanism for this (added to support a similar feature in
> arm), it would be better to implement this feature in terms of that. I
> would tout this (removal of these fields) as the main benefit of
> dropping mips support.
> So, unless someone willing to address these issues (I'm happy to provide
> support where I can), I propose we drop mips support. Generic mips
> support will remain (and hopefully be better tested) thanks to the
> FreeBSD mips port, so re-adding mips support should be a matter of
> reimplementing the linux bits.
> regards,
> Pavel
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