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Tue Jun 15 12:13:38 PDT 2021

On 6/15/21 11:15 AM, Matt P. Dziubinski via llvm-dev wrote:
> On 6/15/2021 19:41, David Blaikie wrote:
>>     When
>>     you open a page on https://llvm.discourse.group
>>     <https://llvm.discourse.group> it doesn't load (or
>>     show) the entire thread on one page by default but instead
>>     progressively
>>     loads (and unloads) partial content as you scroll along.
>> Ah, yeah - which is why it hijacks the search shortcut to do a web 
>> form search rather than the browser builtin. Seems to work OK - I 
>> wouldn't count this as a major usability problem, at least for me.
> Fair enough, there's always an element of subjectivity to UX, so YMMV. 
> At the same time one issue with the aforementioned hijacking is that 
> is not complete, either--e.g., it doesn't support built-in search 
> features like "Find Next" or "Find Previous". For users used to 
> keyboard navigation this is a usability problem (especially in 
> development-oriented discussions, when searching for occurrences of 
> identifiers in, say, LLVM IR does come in handy).

I want to highlight the accessibility point here.  I have fairly poor 
vision, and regularly consume content in modes which someone with 
perfect vision might not.  The ability to blow things up, search easily 
within a page, and otherwise consume content in a customizable manner 
*matters* to me.  I emphasize this because I feel the point often gets 
lost in tooling discussions.

>>     There's no such restriction in the Mailman web UI since it 
>> displays the
>>     entire thread on one page by default, even for longer threads, e.g.,
>> https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-dev@python.org/thread/JM6SQ2YNMDAKXYD5O54QWMVR2X7QOXVL/
>> <https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-dev@python.org/thread/JM6SQ2YNMDAKXYD5O54QWMVR2X7QOXVL/>
>>     Loading the complete thread (displaying all messages) allows the
>>     built-in search to work without issues.
>> Great to see too - especially to see that it addresses an issue 
>> that's always pained me about our current mailman setup, where 
>> threads get split by week or month - so there's no nice way to link 
>> to a whole thread. I'll be happy to see that addressed in either/any 
>> way.
> Agreed, I also see this as an improvement.
> Best,
> Matt
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