[lldb-dev] Remote connection expansion?

Mike Mestnik via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 4 13:28:36 PST 2020

I'm looking for support running lldb over ssh.  I can forward the
originating connection, but the run command is attempting to use
random ports on localhost to attain another connection.  This fails as
the localhost's are not the same.

Is there a platform, preferably real time, for lldb support?

One might ask why ssh, the basic answer is I don't want to open
*another port on my remote host...  Even if I did I'd still have the
same problem, a random port would fail to connect(this time because of
a firewall).  The main answer is, without ssh, lldb is limited to
running on local or VPN networks.  I'd rather use ssh than configure a
VPN for this one use case.

* lldb doesn't sound like something one would want to host, even if
connections were blocked from everywhere "else."

Now I'm attempting forward error correction by guessing where this
topic could lead.  I would be willing to expand the network code to
include domain sockets, to replace the whole idea of using, IMHO
barbaric, port numbers.  This work could potentially include direct
support for ssh.  I understand that this would likely be a breaking
change, is there version negotiation?

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