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I have a bit of concern about this sort of thing - worrying it'll lead to
people being less cautious about writing the more isolated tests. That
said, clearly there's value in end-to-end testing for all the reasons
you've mentioned (& we do see these problems in practice - recently DWARF
indexing broke when support for more nuanced language codes were added to

Dunno if they need a new place or should just be more stuff in test-suite,

On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 9:50 AM David Greene via cfe-dev <
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> [ I am initially copying only a few lists since they seem like
>   the most impacted projects and I didn't want to spam all the mailing
>   lists.  Please let me know if other lists should be included. ]
> I submitted D68230 for review but this is not about that patch per se.
> The patch allows update_cc_test_checks.py to process tests that should
> check target asm rather than LLVM IR.  We use this facility downstream
> for our end-to-end tests.  It strikes me that it might be useful for
> upstream to do similar end-to-end testing.
> Now that the monorepo is about to become the canonical source of truth,
> we have an opportunity for convenient end-to-end testing that we didn't
> easily have before with svn (yes, it could be done but in an ugly way).
> AFAIK the only upstream end-to-end testing we have is in test-suite and
> many of those codes are very large and/or unfocused tests.
> With the monorepo we have a place to put lit-style tests that exercise
> multiple subprojects, for example tests that ensure the entire clang
> compilation pipeline executes correctly.  We could, for example, create
> a top-level "test" directory and put end-to-end tests there.  Some of
> the things that could be tested include:
> - Pipeline execution (debug-pass=Executions)
> - Optimization warnings/messages
> - Specific asm code sequences out of clang (e.g. ensure certain loops
>   are vectorized)
> - Pragma effects (e.g. ensure loop optimizations are honored)
> - Complete end-to-end PGO (generate a profile and re-compile)
> - GPU/accelerator offloading
> - Debuggability of clang-generated code
> Each of these things is tested to some degree within their own
> subprojects, but AFAIK there are currently no dedicated tests ensuring
> such things work through the entire clang pipeline flow and with other
> tools that make use of the results (debuggers, etc.).  It is relatively
> easy to break the pipeline while the individual subproject tests
> continue to pass.
> I realize that some folks prefer to work on only a portion of the
> monorepo (for example, they just hack on LLVM).  I am not sure how to
> address those developers WRT end-to-end testing.  On the one hand,
> requiring them to run end-to-end testing means they will have to at
> least check out and build the monorepo.  On the other hand, it seems
> less than ideal to have people developing core infrastructure and not
> running tests.
> I don't yet have a formal proposal but wanted to put this out to spur
> discussion and gather feedback and ideas.  Thank you for your interest
> and participation!
>                         -David
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