[lldb-dev] Slow expression evaluation (ASTImporter is too eager?)

Jaroslav Sevcik via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 6 13:25:03 PST 2019


I noticed that the AST importer is very eager to import classes/structs
that were already completed, even if they are not needed. This is best
illustrated with an example.

struct C0 { int x = 0; };

struct C1 { int x = 1; C0* c0 = 0; };

struct C2 { int x = 2; C1* c1 = 0; };

int main() {

  C0 c0;

  C1 c1;

  C2 c2;

  return 0;  // break here


When we evaluate “c2.x” in LLDB, AST importer completes and imports only
class C2. This is working as intended. Similarly, evaluating “c1.x” imports
just C1 and “c0.x” imports C0. However, if we evaluate “c2.x” after
evaluating “c1.x” and “c0.x”, the importer suddenly imports both C1 and C0
(in addition to C2). See a log from a lldb session at the end of this email
for illustration.

I believe the culprit here is the following code at the end of the
ASTNodeImporter::VisitRecordDecl method:

  if (D->isCompleteDefinition())

    if (Error Err = ImportDefinition(D, D2, IDK_Default))

      return std::move(Err);

This will import a definition of class from LLDB if LLDB already happens to
have a complete definition from before. For large programs, this can lead
to importing very large chunks of ASTs even if they are not needed. I have
tried to remove the code above from clang and test performance on several
expressions in an Unreal engine sample - preliminary results show this
could cut down evaluation time by roughly 50%.

My prototype patch is below; note that couple of lldb tests are failing
with a wrong error message, this is a work in progress. What would the
experts here think? Is this a plausible direction?

Cheers, Jaro

diff --git a/clang/lib/AST/ASTImporter.cpp b/clang/lib/AST/ASTImporter.cpp

index 54acca7dc62..ebbce5c66c7 100644

--- a/clang/lib/AST/ASTImporter.cpp

+++ b/clang/lib/AST/ASTImporter.cpp

@@ -2799,7 +2799,7 @@ ExpectedDecl
ASTNodeImporter::VisitRecordDecl(RecordDecl *D) {

   if (D->isAnonymousStructOrUnion())


-  if (D->isCompleteDefinition())

+  if (!Importer.isMinimalImport() && D->isCompleteDefinition())

     if (Error Err = ImportDefinition(D, D2, IDK_Default))

       return std::move(Err);

@@ -3438,6 +3438,9 @@ ExpectedDecl
ASTNodeImporter::VisitFieldDecl(FieldDecl *D) {

   if (ToInitializer)



+  if (CXXRecordDecl *FieldType = D->getType()->getAsCXXRecordDecl())

+       if (Error Err = ImportDefinitionIfNeeded(FieldType))

+         return std::move(Err);


   return ToField;


@@ -5307,7 +5310,7 @@ ExpectedDecl


-  if (D->isCompleteDefinition())

+  if (!Importer.isMinimalImport() && D->isCompleteDefinition())

     if (Error Err = ImportDefinition(D, D2))

       return std::move(Err);

—— lldb session illustrating the unnecessary imports —-

This shows that evaluation of “c2.x” after evaluation “c1.x” and “c0.x”
calls to LayoutRecordType for C2, C1 and C0.

$ lldb a.out

(lldb) b h.cc:10

Breakpoint 1: where = a.out`main + 44 at h.cc:10:3, address = ...

(lldb) r

... Process stopped ...

(lldb) log enable lldb expr

(lldb) p c2.x


LayoutRecordType[6] ... for (RecordDecl*)0x... [name = 'C2']


(lldb) p c1.x


LayoutRecordType[7] ... for (RecordDecl*)0x... [name = 'C1']


(lldb) p c0.x


LayoutRecordType[8] ... for (RecordDecl*)0x... [name = 'C0']


(lldb) p c2.x


LayoutRecordType[9] ... for (RecordDecl*)0x... [name = 'C2']

LayoutRecordType[10] ... for (RecordDecl*)0x... [name = 'C1']

LayoutRecordType[11] ... for (RecordDecl*)0x... [name = 'C0']

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