[lldb-dev] lldb-mi has been moved to its own GitHub repository

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Tue Aug 13 01:18:03 PDT 2019

Hi all,

lldb-mi has been moved out of the LLDB source tree into its own GitHub repository here: https://github.com/lldb-tools/lldb-mi <https://github.com/lldb-tools/lldb-mi> lldb-mi is now a standalone tool that builds against LLDB, but is no longer build as part of LLDB. The implications for users are:

1. Package maintainers need to package lldb-mi and no longer receive the lldb-mi executable as a side product of LLDB. The lldb-mi build system is very simple, so I don’t expect a lot of problems arising from this change. Note: You can *NOT* drop in the lldb-mi source into the old folder inside the LLDB source tree. You need to first build LLDB and then build lldb-mi against it.

2. If you encounter bugs with lldb-mi, please file a report on the GitHub project and *NOT* on the LLVM bugzilla. We closed all lldb-mi bugs on bugzilla, so if you think your issue with lldb-mi still exists, please copy your bug report to GitHub.

In other news: lldb-mi is also in need of a maintainer!

The good thing is that with this change lldb-mi you can now make pull requests against the project, we set up a CI system and in general its easier to get started with lldb-mi. Note that during the move lldb-mi lost its test suit, meaning that there are currently no tests run in the CI. This was mostly because we couldn’t port over the old test suit (which depended on the internal LLDB python test suit) and because most of the tests we had were anyway disabled due to random failures. If you want to get started, feel free to make pull requests with tests (preferable more reliable than the old ones we had).

I’m mostly writing this as the change was buried in the RFC thread last month and it seems all downstream folks are still completely unaware this.

TL;DR: LLDB no longer provides the lldb-mi executable. You now need to get&compile lldb-mi from the GitHub repository above.

- Raphael

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