[lldb-dev] [RFC] Support for AArch64/Arm64 scalable vector extension (SVE)

Omair Javaid via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 24 15:07:45 PDT 2019


I am going to be starting work on implementing LLDB support for
AArch64/Arm64 scalable vector extension (SVE) in coming weeks. For a quick
walk through of SVE please read through this doc here:

In summary it allows hardware + kernel which support SVE to have variable
vector register lengths which can be configured as per system requirements
on per process or thread basis.

I have been informed that there might be some downstream patches and I
would like to collaborate with anyone who is willing to contribute their
completed or in-progress work.

I would also like to open a discussion on how we can implement variable
length registers in LLDB and what could be the consequences of those

Looking forward to hearing from the community.


Omair Javaid
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