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Sun Mar 4 12:03:26 PST 2018

Hello lldb devs,

Hacking away at my lldb command history on macOS Darwin 10.13.3

lldb -v =>

I discovered that ESC-b moves the cursor one word to the left, while ESC-f
moves the cursor one word to the right; word in the regular  expression
sense. However, lldb does not remember that ESC switches the mode, as it
does in bash. Each movement of the cursor must use that ESC sequence, such
that to move, say 8 words left to get to the beginning of an 8-word line
requires 8 separate ESC-b keyboard events. This is better than using the
left arrow to move one char at a time but lldb deserves an editing mode
functionally equivalent to what bash offers. And since bash is open-source,
it should just be a matter of grabbing the bash source that implements
command line editing and going from there.

Am I missing any other ESC sequences that have been implemented but not

Will Schmidt

T. William Schmidt
Ola, AR 72853
t.william.schmidt at gmail.com
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